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John Cowan

An important omission: we also use it to express present time with a stative verb ("I am wanting food" and "I am remembering how to get there" are grammatical only in Indian English). Or does your first point mean "past, present or future"?

Peter Harvey

John, I had intended it to be included in the first sentence but you make a valid point. I will bear it in mind for future editions.

I found the present continuous used for present states by British people in Zambia: 'I'm doubting' etc. I never found what was the origin of that.

John Cowan

In 1950, about 10% of the non-native population of Zambia consisted of Indians, so some of their speechways may have gotten into the local variety of English.

Peter Harvey

That would not have affected the British expat community. I'm wondering :-) if it might be common to all English-speaking Southern Africa.

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