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John Cowan

Technically, christening and baptism are two different things. (Ana)Baptist churches only baptize adults, but they christen (or in their own terminology, "dedicate") infants. And we christen ships, but don't baptize them.

Warsaw Will

I find there is a perhaps related problem, when students are much more familiar with an '-ation' noun than with its base verb, and naturally try and make an '-ate' verb, as happens with 'discrimination' and 'discriminate' and probably the vast majority of '-ation' nouns (with the exception of -ization/-isation nouns, but they have their own pattern). But as we know, this isn't always possible.

I can't think of any examples offhand, but I occasionally hear things from my students like 'habitate' or 'determinate'.

Peter Harvey

John, You're right for English but Spanish has two similar words from the same root.

Will, Same here. I am looking at it from the Spanish point of view but speakers of other languages will probably make similar assumptions.

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