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John Cowan

Merriam-Webster dot com gives the noun Barcelonan, as in "I'm a Barcelonan", and the adjective Barcelonese, as in "I am Barcelonese", though without citations. I'm familiar with the first but not the second. None of the other dictionaries I usually look at (AHD, RHD, Collins, ODO, OED) lists either one. Perhaps they are more often used of the city in Venezuela.

The OED, however, does give two senses of the ordinary noun barcelona, an obsolete one meaning 'a handkerchief or neckerchief of soft twilled silk', and a possibly current one (the entry is not yet fully updated but does have 20C citations) meaning 'hazelnut'. Both are products of southern exported to the UK and elsewhere through Barcelona.

Peter Harvey

The words can be invented, sure, but are never used. Such words rarely are. I'm Parisian, Viennese, Athenian? We just don't say that. Those adjectives are occasionally found in the wild, so to speak, but Barcelon(i)an is a pure invention.

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